BLM Changemaker Sneakers

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BLM Changemaker Sneakers






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      Style for Positive Change

      In recognition of the power Black-owned businesses have to amplify our voices and channel funds into positive change, our team at Gidi Sole has designed the first in our line of Black Lives Matter Change-Maker Sneaker series.

      This versatile pair of sneakers is an effortless blend of function, comfort, and urban style.

      Three of our color pathways are symbolic with the flags of USA, Canada, and Nigeria, which are hotspot countries for racial equity and social inclusion. While the BLM campaigns have raged on and continue in Canada and the USA, Nigeria also dealt with the #EndSARS campaign which, like the BLM movement, was sparked by the clamor for eliminating harassments and injustice perpetuated by law enforcement.

      For every pair of the BLM sneakers sold, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to black or indigenous owned/run organizations in the Healthcare or Education sectors. 

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